Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Painting Related

16 January 2024

What brands of acrylics you are using?  

  • Liquitex Basics
  • Reeves
  • Pebeo Opaque and
  • Sakura
  • My favorites are sakura opaque and pebeo opaque.

What are the colors you are using? (Recommended)

  • Titanium white
  • Phthalo blue / Primary blue / Any blue closer to primary
  • Brilliant Red / Any red closer to primary
  • Primary Yellow / Medium Yellow / Hanza Yellow / Any yellow closer to primary
  • Raw Umber / Burnt Umber

Why used 5 limited paint colors?

  • Most of my channel audience are beginners. I was a beginner also and it's very important to learn first color mixing before learning how to paint. In this 5 colors, you can learn to get almost all the colors you desire and when the time come it will not be hard for you to use other colors. And of course for a beginner, it's very important to save your money on buying different colors because you need alot of paints while you are still practicing. There is no shortcut in painting. No one learns trying for the first time and not all the colors you can find on your area. That's why I stick on 5 colors so it will be easy for you to find similar colors to this.

What are the brushes you are using?

  • It's not easy to find similar brushes that I used specially I bought it in local art stores unless I will sell it myself. Mostly I used big medium and small size nylon or synthetic flat brush, big size white bristle flat brush, medium size white bristle fan brush, small liner and round brush. You can see below for the comparizon, so you may find it similar to your local art store. 

Why put 3 layers of primed gesso on canvas?

  • When I made my own canvas I usually put 3 layers primed of gesso and sand after 2 layers. This will make my canvas smooth enough to drag my brush. But if you buy your canvas from art store, you may or you put 1 layer of gesso so it may become smoother unles it is already smooth. Some canvas available are already smooth and others are not.

How many years did you paint?

  • I started year 2000 so its been more than 20 years now.

What are your advice for the beginners?

  • I am also a beginner myself. Just paint everyday!

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