Mga Batang Bukid (Uptown Kids) Series 2

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 20 x 28 inches
Year: 2016

In the exquisite strokes of Jmlisondra's oil painting "Mga Batang Bukid (Uptown Kids) Series 2," a vivid depiction of rural innocence and youthful vigor comes to life. This picturesque scene captures the charm of countryside life as three children are portrayed engaged in an afternoon task by the riverbank, guiding their sturdy carabao out of the gentle, meandering waters.

The canvas is illuminated by the warm glow of a setting sun, casting a golden hue over the entire landscape. The rich colors of the environment, including lush greens of the swaying grass, the deep earth tones of the riverbanks, and the vibrant blue sky streaked with hints of orange and pink, provide a breathtaking backdrop to the unfolding narrative.

The focal point of the painting showcases the youthful trio, displaying a harmonious blend of teamwork and camaraderie. Each child exudes a sense of determination and joy, their faces illuminated by the sun's golden rays. One child confidently leads the carabao with a rope, his playful smile capturing the essence of innocent joy. Another child stands beside, providing gentle encouragement and assistance, while the third child, barefoot and carefree, pushes from behind, demonstrating unity and collaboration in their effort.

The carabao, a symbol of strength and resilience in rural life, emerges from the river, its massive form contrasting against the serenity of the water. The gentle ripples caused by the animal's movements are delicately captured, adding a sense of movement and liveliness to the scene.

The rural landscape, with its tall grasses and distant mountains, creates a serene yet lively setting. The trees sway gently in the breeze, and birds flutter in the sky, contributing to the sense of peaceful activity in the countryside.

The brushwork and texture in the painting exude a sense of liveliness and authenticity, capturing the essence of the Filipino rural life, evoking nostalgia and a deep connection to the simplicity and beauty of childhood adventures in the countryside.

The beauty of "Mga Batang Bukid (Uptown Kids) Series 2" lies not only in its visual appeal but in the narrative it weaves, celebrating the unassuming yet profound moments of rural life. Jmlisondra's masterful strokes eloquently encapsulate the carefree spirit, unity, and the unassuming beauty of childhood in the countryside, offering viewers a glimpse into the captivating and heartwarming world of these young adventurers.

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  1. I am looking for a painting I saw today on you tube.Huge mountains deep valley with river ,a little house on this side and I think a church and small houses on the far side..

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