Acrylic Landscape Painting Lesson | City Moonlight by JM Lisondra


Learn how to paint city at night with moonlight, city lights and water reflections. Please hit like, add some comments and subscribe for more videos.

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167 comments on “Acrylic Landscape Painting Lesson | City Moonlight by JM Lisondra”

  1. I like so much, thank you very much JM, I congratulate you for your talent and I wish you a good luck. Amicably FZ

  2. Beautifool, Bello es un tutorial de lujo!!!!.Bendita tus manos y tu forma de enseñar. Voy a intentar hacerlo. mil gracias

  3. John, well you did it again! another beautiful Painting !!!
    How do you get your background to stay workable ? I only see you add water to your brush at the very start?
    Every time I try, the paint gets sticky and starts to come off!
    Your help would be great .
    Thank you again for another work of art <3

    1. Thank You John....I too was having the same problem...So I decided to stick with oil painting...but after your suggestion...I guess I will be trying Acrylics again. Gracias John por los videos; son muy buenos e instructivos! Estoy aprendiendo mucho con ellos.

    2. CHERYL PARR - Cheryl, I was having the same problem. I was given a great tip. Lightly sand your canvas after putting gesso on it or if already gessoed when you buy it. Sand with a very fine sandpaper and your paint will apply without drag. Another problem is we tend not to use enough paint. If it's still dragging after sanding the canvas then add more paint. I find Liquitex Gloss medium helps a lot. It helps your paint to slide on without compromising the polymer or colour intensity in the acrylic paint.

    3. you're welcome Cheryl.. thank you very much! I just let it dry and add details layers by layers.. It will make the paint more solid.

  4. Beautiful, can't wait to try this Ryan O'Rourke did a 10minute tutorial similar but different love this and Thank you for all your wisdom and creativity x

    1. Marje Macmillan,
      I did that 10 minute one too! On the black canvas.
      I did mine in about an Hour!! lol 😉
      Can't wait to do Johns! It is so beautiful!!

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