Flowers in the Broke Vase - Acrylic Painting in Canvas by JMLisondra


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  • Size: 12 inches x 14 inches
  • Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
  • Dated: 2023
  • Unframed


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Introducing the exquisite "Flowers in the Broke Vase" acrylic painting on canvas, a masterpiece created by the talented artist JMLisondra. This captivating artwork beautifully captures the delicate beauty of flowers displayed in a broken vase, juxtaposing fragility with resilience in a visually stunning composition.

JMLisondra's artistic expertise shines through every brushstroke of this remarkable piece. The use of acrylic paints adds vibrancy and depth to the artwork, showcasing the artist's keen eye for color and detail. The delicate petals, intricate textures, and play of light and shadow bring the flowers to life, evoking a sense of both fragility and resilience.

Presented on a high-quality canvas, the "Flowers in the Broke Vase" painting ensures longevity and durability. The acrylic medium enhances the texture and visual impact of the artwork, creating a three-dimensional effect that adds depth and intrigue. Measuring 12x14 inches, this painting is perfectly sized to become a captivating focal point in any room, whether it graces a living area, dining room, or art gallery.

This extraordinary artwork by JMLisondra is an ideal choice for art enthusiasts and flower lovers alike. The "Flowers in the Broke Vase" painting not only showcases the artist's remarkable talent but also serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty that can be found in imperfections. It is a piece that evokes emotions and sparks contemplation, making it a thought-provoking addition to any art collection.

Indulge in the captivating allure of the "Flowers in the Broke Vase" acrylic painting on canvas by JMLisondra and let its beauty elevate your space. This masterpiece is a testament to the artist's skill and creativity, inviting viewers to appreciate the transient beauty of flowers and reflect on the resilience found in the face of adversity.

Order your own "Flowers in the Broke Vase" acrylic painting on canvas by JMLisondra today and embrace the captivating beauty it brings. Let the enchanting colors and intricate details transport you to a world of delicate beauty and contemplation. Make this extraordinary artwork a cherished part of your collection and infuse your surroundings with its captivating presence.

This painting originally painted by jmlisondra.

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The painting will be rolled inside the tube or cover with plywood if smaller for safety.


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